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Before you upload your design to our system for printing, please read the following instructions to ensure a great result.

* Chhapai.in only accepts JPG, CDR, TIFF, PDF and EPS files for upload. Word and Publisher files should be submitted here for conversion. For other applications please see our specific instructions (right).

* The colour mode of submitted files must be CMYK. If your files are submitted using any other colour standard, such as RGB or Pantone, they will be converted to CMYK. Conversion from one colour standard to another may cause colours to shift.

* Resolution must be at least 300 dots per inch (DPI) at the final output size. Do not try to change from a low resolution to a higher one by increasing the DPI in your imaging program, you will need to create the file at the correct resolution initially. A low resolution image may look OK on your screen but will not print well.

* All business card files should measure 91 mm x 61 mm (258 pt x 173 pt) for landscape or 61 mm x 91 mm (173 pt x 258 pt) for portrait (which includes additional space for bleeds and trimming).

* All A6 postcard files should measure 151.5 mm x 108 mm (429.5 pt x 306.2 pt) landscape (which includes additional space for bleeds and trimming).

* Bleeds: Any time an image or colour is printed to the edge of a page, it must extend beyond the final dimensions of your job to allow for cutting.

* For business card files bleed must be exactly 3 mm (8.5 pt).

* For A6 postcard files bleed must be exactly 1.5 mm (4.2 pt).

* Safety Margin: Text or artwork you wish to preserve must be at least 3mm (8.5pt) inside of the final dimension of your design.

* Printing with borders: When using a border in your artwork, it is essential that your design use at least 6mm (17pt) of white space from your border to the cut line to maintain a symmetric appearance.

* Rich Black: When you want an area of solid black within a document, 100% black (K) will not result in a solid; saturated black. Instead, use Rich Black, as represented by C:100% / M:30% / Y:30% / K:100%.

* Outlined Fonts: When submitting EPS files to us, you must convert your fonts to outlines. Outlining eliminates the need to send fonts along your files, while maintaining a nice, crisp typeface.

* Minimum Line Thickness: If you are using a line, be sure to make it at least .3 pt. thick to assure that it prints correctly.

* Filenames should be kept short,  and should contain no 'special' characters like * / - " : % etc...

How To Set Up a File

All of the following guidelines must be met in order for you order to be processed.

1- Files must be EXACTLY the right size. Choose the flyer size from the price list or the template and design at EXACTLY this size.

2- DO NOT set up your design on a larger canvas size. For example some people start off with a sheet or canvas of 8.5 x 11 and then center their design in the middle. This is not correct.

3- DO NOT set the front and back of your flyer on the same sheet. They should be set up as two different files.

4- DO NOT name your flyer as just “front”or “back” We receive hundreds of files and if they are all labeled generically it could cause confusion. Choose a file name that describes your flyer. For example, if your flyer is for a happy hour promotion, you could name your flyer like this: “Brouchers_front” and “Brouchers_back”

5- The resolution or quality of your image must be a minimum of 300 d.p.i. If the resolution is lower we will NOT process the order because the print quality will be affected.

6- Do not put crop marks (the lines where you are telling us where to cut) on your file. We have our own templates and we will cut as close as 1/16” as possible

7- Leave your text and other important graphics such as logos a absolute minimum of 1/8” from the edge of your flyer. It is highly recommended that you leave more than this for a nice clean look after your job is cut. The machine will cut off usually anywhere from 1/16” to 1/8” off of each side.

8- We do not print with a white border around your flyer UNLESS you design it this way. You should extend the background of your design all the way to edge of your design so that no white shows. However, as stated in #7 above, leave the text and other important graphics a minimum of 1/8” for the edge of your design.

9- Do not put a thin frame around your design. Because of the way the jobs are cut it is very difficult to cut thin frames very precisely and the finished product can come out looking unevenly cut. If you do choose to add a frame, the thicker you make it, the better. It should be at least a1/2” thick.

10- Files should be converted to CMYK color mode. When you convert RGB files to CMYK sometimes you notice that colors change a shade and or get a little bit darker. In particular blues change the most. Blues have a tendency to turn purplish.

11- Illustrator files should be flattened to one layer. All fonts should be converted to curves. File needs to be saved as a version 10 or older. Files should be saved as an eps. Please do not send .ai files.

12- Acceptable file formats are cdr and eps.


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