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Franchisee Qualification Form

In order to consider your franchise potential further, we need to find out some more details about you and your background. If you’re intending to undertake a franchise you must complete this qualification form – we would be reluctant to progress any applications without this information.

current residential address
how long  have you lived at this address::  
iIf less then three years the please confirm previous address::
telephone Home::
telephone Office::
date of Birth
marital Status Married Unmarried
educational Qualification
professional Qualification
brief Employment History
can u read a Balance Sheet Yes No
computers knowledge::             For each Software Package rate yourself from 0-9
no experience

used it couple of times, but not so     familiar with most of tools.

competent usage, can handle many of tools to have efficiency in workflow.

fantastic, know all the intricacies  of the program and coach others to use effectively.

Microsoft Word Adobe Illustrator
Microsoft Excel Adobe PageMaker
Microsoft PowerPoint Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Access Quark Express
Microsoft Publisher File maker Pro
Corel Draw PDF Creation Software
Macromedia Freehand Other Software
preferred Location::
where did you hear about us Online Advertisements Recommended by Whom Print Advertisements Others Please 
bank Account Details::
How many years with the branch
Contact Person
declaration I declare the enclosed information is true to the best of my knowledge. I also understand that this application is  in no way binding on either chhapai.in or the applicant.

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